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Girls Costumes

Our Funny Costumes for girls should present your little girl with a smiling treat on Halloween. These costumes come in all shapes and sizes. Crayola Crayon Costumes are beyond cute and come in different colors to make this the perfect group costume. Your little girl and her friends will have a blast trying to stay inside the lines on Halloween night. The Food and Candy Costumes will keep their dinner spoiled, but their faces will light up. Have her dress up as her favorite candy bar or snack. What’s funnier than a life size piece of food?

Animal Costumes are perfect for girls that love animals! Inspiration can come from anywhere. The family cat might strike a cord in your daughter. If that’s the case our Child Cat Costumes have more than enough choices. Big cats, black cats, and even fashionable cats are accessible costumes. She will have the pick of the litter! For the feisty girls with an attitude, the Lil Man-Eating Shark Costume or the Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume will have roaring with a fiery Halloween spirit. Bunny Costumes will have your daughter jumping in excitement waving around her floppy ears.

The girls Angel and Devil Costumes are great for friends and siblings! Use these as group costumes to take sides in the battle between good and evil. Our heavenly Child Angel Costumes are a celestial sight sure to only be enhanced when your little girl garnishes one. Some of these Angel Costumes come with wings, wand, and a halo, but not every little girl is an angel. Child Devil Costumes boast a gleaming red color with horns and some include a pitchfork. Which side will your daughter choose? Have a hand in the decision and choose wisely from our girls Halloween costumes.

Monster High Costumes place your girls in the spotlight! The Monster High characters are the most fashionable monsters on the planet. Take a look at a Frankie Stein or a Clawdeen Wolf Costume and you’ll be astounded at the fashion sense of these monsters. Your daughter will be decked out in the all sorts of skirts and jackets with different prints and patterns that could dominate the fashion industry. Any girl with an eye for style can see that these Monster High Halloween costumes are the way to go!