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Kids Costumes

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    Kids Bluey Costume Bluey inset 1

    Kids Bluey Costume

    If your child has high energy, curiosity, and imagination than they will love dressing up in this Kids Bluey Costume! Licensed from the hit Disney TV show, wearing Bluey will bring their favorite character to life. Officially licensed costume comes with...

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    Kids Luigi Deluxe Costume Deluxe Luigi inset

    Kids Luigi Deluxe Costume

    This Kids Luigi Deluxe Costume is a throw back to the classic video game era! Instantly recognizable, your child will love dressing up in this fun Mario Brothers Luigi Costume. Perfect by itself or dressing up with a friend as Mario, this costume is a...

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    Girls Eevee Deluxe Costume Eevee inset 1

    Girls Eevee Deluxe Costume

    If your little girl loves Pokemon than this Girls Eevee Deluxe Costume Dress is the perfect outfit for Halloween! Eevee is a fan favorite with her morphing capabilities. Watch your child morph into Eevee with delight as they wear this fun Pokemon costume...

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    Toddler Deluxe Classic Batman Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Classic Batman Costume

    This Toddler Deluxe Batman Costume will have your little one saving Gotham and fighting off any villain that comes their way! Watch as his super hero powers come alive once he puts on this iconic Batman outfit. The Muscle chest Batman Costume includes...

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Why are Kids Costumes so popular? Because when children dress in Halloween costumes or dress-up costumes, they can pretend to be someone else. Whether they want to become their favorite movie character, fairy tale princess, or start practicing for a future career, kids Halloween costumes are designed to help their dreams come true. This year, give your little one exactly what he or she wants with the best kids costumes you can find.

When dressing up your kids for special events, your top priority is to make them look cute. But how about making their fantasies come true while you're at it? In our selection of Classic costumes for kids, you'll find all the basics you need for a fun time: kids vampire costumes, princess and witch and so much more. These are tried and true favorites that will delight your child on Halloween. But what if they want to be a little more creative this year? If so, they're in luck. Our Kids Funny Costumes will entertain even the youngest audiences. Kids funny costumes come in a variety of options: kids food costumes, kids candy costumes, and even kids crayon costumes. Whatever you end up choosing, remember that the goal is to make everyone laugh!

If your little one is aiming for the stars already, give him or her the option to dress like a grown-up. Our Kids Career Costumes let kids imagine they're filling the important shoes of a professional. From kids firefighter costumes to kids astronaut costumes, we have just what they need to keep up their ambition. Career costumes for kids make great dress-up costumes: all they need is to slip on a kids cop costume to get in the career-minded groove! We also have a selection of other Dress Up Costumes that are bound to impress your little princess or policeman. They'll have a blast using their imaginations for hours of make-believe play.

If your kid is looking for a 'super' Halloween, try our great selection of Kids Superhero Costumes that will make them feel high and mighty just like their favorite characters. Best of all, superhero costumes aren't just for little boys. Kids wonder woman costumes are great for girls looking to show their girl power! Also, check out our great selection of Historical Costumes for kids, including civil war costumes and kids Renaissance costumes. Go back in time with period costumes that are educational as well as fun.

Choose your favorite Kids Halloween Costume today!