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Movie Character Costumes

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    Ted the Movie Costume - Full Body Ted the Movie Costume - Full Body - inset

    Ted the Movie Costume - Full Body

    Wear this full body Ted the Movie Costume and be everyone's favorite "thunder buddy"! Ted is the star of Seth McFarlane's feature film debut. This trash-talking teddy bear is John Bennett's best friend, until he threatens to come between John and his...

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  • Baby Oogie Boogie Costume Baby Oogie Boogie Costume Inset

    Baby Oogie Boogie Costume

    This absolutely adorable Baby Oogie Boogie Costume will be too cute to spook! Officially licensed from Nightmare Before Christmas, this Oogie Boogie costume comes complete with jumpsuit, hood with dangling spider. Jumpsuit is made of a super soft 100%...

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    Adult Deluxe RoboCop Costume Adult Deluxe RoboCop Costume Inset

    Adult Deluxe RoboCop Costume

    Dress in this super cool deluxe RoboCop Costume and you'll look unstoppable! Transform yourself into this half human half robot from the 1980s classic action sci-fi movie RoboCop! You'll be saving the day in the apocalyptic Detroit of the future dressed...

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    Kids The Hobbit Gandalf Costume - Small Kids The Hobbit Gandalf Costume Size Chart

    Kids The Hobbit Gandalf Costume - Small

    A wizard must always be resourceful and there are fewer more resourceful wizards than Gandalf the Grey. The Hobbit Gandalf Costume for Kids comes with a grey robe belt and wizard's hat. Your child will look ready to handle any unexpected journeys.

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    Boys Monster Green Ugly Dolls Ox Costume Boys Monster Green Ugly Dolls Ox Costume Size Chart

    Boys Monster Green Ugly Dolls Ox Costume

    Who is that growling in the closet when everyone is asleep? Your child dressed in this amazing Monster Green Ugly Dolls Ox Boys Costume will bravely take a peek! Hell discover his courage when he's dressed up as Ox a vibrant character! Give your little...

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    Girls Pretty Pink Ugly Dolls Moxy Costume Girls Pretty Pink Ugly Dolls Moxy Costume Size Chart

    Girls Pretty Pink Ugly Dolls Moxy Costume

    Start her afternoon off right by dressing up your little girl in this amazing Pretty Pink Ugly Dolls Moxy Girls Costume! She'll either feel pretty or pretty awesome! Either way your child will embrace her new persona when she struts her cool stuff in...

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    Women's Clueless School Girl Costume Women's Clueless School Girl Costume inset

    Women's Clueless School Girl Costume

    When you wear the Women's Clueless School Girl Costume, you're sure to know exactly how good you look! With a plaid zip-up vest, a long sleeve top, a matched, pleated skirt, and a headband, you'll have a classic schoolgirl look that everyone will have...

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    Harley Quinn Costume For Adults Harley Quinn Costume For Adults Inset

    Harley Quinn Costume For Adults

    You don't have to be a psychologist to know that everyone will go mad over you in this outfit! You can finally escape Gotham City and the Joker for someone who truly deserves you. This Harley Quinn outfit is perfect for any costume party. Who knows you...

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    Men's Riddler Costume Men's Riddler Costume Size Chart

    Men's Riddler Costume

    What's green covered in question marks and sure to inspire a good old fashioned wisecracking crime spree? You got it! This officially licensed Men's Riddler Costume. Whether breaking the law and battling the Batman are old pastimes of yours or you're...

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What would you do if you got to walk in the shoes of  Harry or Hermione, now you can with one of our Harry Potter Costumes. You'll love looking like your favorite movie personalities with our Adult Movie Costumes and Child Movie Costumes! If you're looking for Movie Character Costumes, you've come to the best place outside of Hollywood. In our selection of Movie Costumes, you'll find classic, unique, and outrageous ideas for your cameo red carpet appearance! First, determine your top five favorite movies. Then, select characters from these films that best fit your mood or personality. From Star Wars Costumes to Wizard of Oz Costumes, we've got just what you need to make the silver screen come alive.

How would you like to live a day in Harry or Hermione's shoes? Attend spell class and quidditch matches in a Harry Potter Costume designed to look like it's right off the movie set. Hogwarts, here you come!

To keep the frights in Halloween, try out a chilling Horror Movie Costume that gets everyone spooked right away. Horror costumes are not original, but horror movie costumes definitely are. Turn the lights down and get ready to freak out your friends. But unfortunately for lovers of frights, Halloween is less about 'scary' and more about 'funny.' That's why Movie Halloween costumes are so great! You can reenact animated movies, cartoon flicks, and comedies by dressing up like your favorite characters. 

If cult classics are more your thing, you won't be disappointed at your next fan meeting! For example, check out our Ghostbusters Costumes, made for both men and women. Relive the magic of the hilarious 80's film and make people aware of who they're gonna call when there's paranormal trouble! 

Become your favorite character with a Movie Costume that really suits you! Express your inner cinephile with one of our memorable Movie Costumes! If you can quote Scarface faster than you can name the capital of your home state, then show off your cultural knowledge this Halloween with these funny outfits. We all have had fun times going to the movies, watching our favorite flick on Netflix while crashing on the couch, or even seeing something epic in 3D. Some movie characters are so instantly recognizable that they're almost like family. These characters have become part of our cultural, have started fashion trends, and even added slang phrases to our vocabulary. Who hasn't threatened someone to "go ahead, make my day" as made famous by Clint Eastwood or climbed on top of something tall and yelled "I'm king of the world!" from the celebrated film The Titanic. Movies aren't just something to watch. They're something we celebrate, something we use to completely capture the feeling of a time. With these movie costumes, you can bring that cinematic magic wherever you go. Whenever a costume can bring back fun memories to the people around them, it's sure to be a hit.