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Our wigs, hats, and masks will give your costume that extra special something it needs. Try out some stage makeup to give your face an extra gory touch (after all, gore is a good thing on Halloween!). The perfect Halloween accessory can complement an already authentic costume and give your look some added flair!

A good head of hair goes a long way! Different wigs show different personalities and dictate the rest of the costume. Costume wigs are the cherry on top. They complete and compliment costumes at the same time. Our collection of Halloween wigs contains long wigs, short wigs, curly wigs, red wigs, blue wigs, and many more. Go for a vibrant color if you want to stand out and let everyone know you’re there. Celebrity and TV wigs are popular and always recognizable at any party. Dress up as anyone from Michael Jackson to Beetlejuice. Funny wigs are always a safe choice. Clown wigs and dreads never get old.

Masks, along with wigs, finish costumes but they are very handy. Mask can be the end all and be all for a costume. Sometimes, just a mask is enough. They are perfect as a last minute costume idea. Hide your true identity and scare (or delight) everyone at the same time!

Choose your expression carefully. If you’re in a light mood, pick up a funny mask. Pick from a list of deformed faces that will have your friends’ ribs hurting with laughter. The Simpsons Masks are always great choices. Homer’s dopey look is too endearing not to draw attention. Famous Masks never go out of style. Impersonate the president of the United States with a Barack Obama Mask and walk with an air of confidence.

Scary masks define Halloween. They can make the strongest men weak in the knees. An assortment of undead creature masks is available. Some of the classic horror movie characters will stop anyone in their tracks. Choices include the burned remains of Freddy Kruger’s face and the horrifically simple Michael Myers Mask, along with many more sure to make you quiver.

Hordes of Halloween Props are also available to make this October 31st the best yet. Decorations for the house will ward off the faint of heart. Evil pumpkins with horrid features will startle any that passes. Mangled arms, legs, and hands with dried bloodstains can be used for decoration but also for pranks. Severed heads and ghost props will beckon screams from all angles.

On Halloween, Costumes and Candy may be king, but Halloween accessories and props are your key to standing out at your next party!