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Boys Costumes

Boys Halloween costumes have to be done right!  Halloween is a sacred time of a boy’s life!  He needs a horror filled night of fun to be memorable.  With our selection of Boys Costumes, your child will be the star of any doorstep or the life of any Halloween party. For those adventurous little ones with their minds already set on a dream job, our Career Costumes are perfect. Fight fires or fight crimes with the Child Fire Fighter Costumes and Child Police Officer Costumes.

Maybe your boy wants to be a chef.  Have fun with our Chef Costumes that include chef hats and mittens.  For a greater cause, doctor and military costumes are available.  Sparkplug boys on a sugar rush can use their energy with ninja costumes.  There are many options to have fun with and provide a happy Halloween! Peel your boy’s face away from the television and help him become his favorite character!  Modern classics like Spongebob and Pikachu Costumes are guaranteed hits.  On the other hand we have costumes from past favorite hit shows such as The Flintsones and Popeye.  There are too many choices to list.  Show your child and let him drool over the decision!

Funny Boys Costumes are perfect for kids!  The food and candy costumes come in different types of fast food snacks and candy bars.  Your son can become an inflatable character and roll into any party.  Also available are Kid Game Costumes.  He can be a game of cronhole or rock, paper scissors.  Do the choices ever end?

Animal Costumes combined with a vivid imagination are great costumes for boys.  The Boys Animal Costumes collection has both fierce and cute animals. As far as cute boys costumes goes, make your little boy the most adorable animal with our Penguin or Bunny Costumes!  If he wants to be a fierce predator, have him be a wolf, gorilla, bear, or man-eating shark.  He’ll have all his friends running in fear! 

Halloween wouldn’t be fun without scary costumes.  The Boys Scary Costumes section offers many costumes that will provide a fright-filled night of horrors between friends.  Many classic ghost costumes are available.  Some of the ghosts available are the more traditional ghoulish robes while some have masks.  There is even a Mummy outfit.  As for the characters that have haunted movie screens all over the world. There are many scary Halloween costumes for boys that will make that night as fun as possible!